HCG’s Brand And Website Refresh

November 28th, 2022

To begin with, we are more than proud to introduce our refreshed brand identity including a logo upgrade, new color scheme, website, and new core values.

The prospect of a brand refresh seems like a daunting task every time someone brought it up in any conversation. At first, you may be wondering what’s wrong with our current brand. Why do we even need a brand refresh anyway? And most of all, what’s changed during and after the rebranding process.

This year, we achieve many remarkable successes and have a chance to breathe new spirit into HCG’s brand, which has contributed to making 2022 a very special year for us. Our new brand is more than a new look and feel. It reflects our personality, passion, and our will to create more great things in 2023 and many years to come.

The Start Of Something New

HCG started as a technology consulting company and continue to grow ever since. We are proud of our background, but our branding strategy for the upcoming year and what we did with our brand this year make us even more so. As the business evolves exponentially, we make new promises to strengthen our culture and build stronger brand positioning. By rebranding, we hope to provide best-in-class service delivery and better ensure brand consistency.

With a new look and core values, HCG can better represent its goals for expansion and innovation without losing sight of its essential principles, which have won the unwavering faith of both its clients and staff.

What’s changed?

Logo Upgrade

After much consideration, we chose to create a bold, clear, confident, and contemporary logo. It is a key building block of our identity and the primary visual element that identify us. We use this lettermark logo to express a contemporary look and feel. The spacing and height of the logo marks are carefully designed so that they would create visual harmony.

HCG Logo Upgrade

While what we have been doing every day is kind of complicated, daily is kind of complicated, we try to make everything as simple as possibleur full name – the “ Hash Consulting Group” text below “HCG” makes the logo look cleaner and also, easier to recognize and use in future designs.

Furthermore, the simplicity but no less sophistication in HCG logo design gives it a professional and contemporary vibe, which represents our commitment and vision to staying on top of the business trends and empowering people with technology as a tech-driven organization.

New Color Scheme

Fire Red is chosen as our primary to present our passion, energy, and confidence. It perfectly reflects HCG’s work style, as well as the quality of service we provide to our clients. In addition, the color red also represents enthusiasm and freshness, keeping up with the lasted trends.

New color scheme

For secondary colors, we choose dynamic ones to create a sense of technology, relaxation, outstanding, and elegance. We also have a collection of grayscales to ensure consistency in designing typography and choosing backgrounds.

Website Makeover

Our team was tasked with coming up with an idea for the new website that would complement the new brand identity. We first struggled to figure out the right way to create something that can accurately convey our dedication and meticulousness in each product and service. After months of trying to combine many aspects into the design but failed, everything turned out for the best since we eventually determined how to do the website justice: keep everything simple and focus more on giving it a credible, contemporary, and user-friendly look.

In the end, the website finally accurately reflects our vision of being a technology-driven and people-empowered business. The modern colors, unique design ethos, and creative images did their job precisely to give users a clear picture of the job that we accomplish every day and a better explanation of our services.

A peak at our new Website

Additionally, the new website provides users with a more holistic view of our company’s fundamentals and values, along with the passion that keeps pushing us each day to offer a trustworthy, high-quality service led by experts.

New Core Values

Everything we do and believe in is based on our six core values. Compared to the old ones, the new core values are expected to better reflect our company’s culture and become the be the bedrock of why the company exists, how behavioral norms are defined, and how decisions are made to fulfill the vision.

We strive to build a culture that can embrace curiosity as it is the root of all innovation – which is one of the core factors to shape the HCG brand in the hospitality industry. Our team is driven to pursue only the best quality in our products and services.

Refining our Core Values

Furthermore, our staff members are encouraged to freely express their opinions and celebrate people’s differences. Being an organization that greatly values its people, we also proud of our culture to nurture talents and bring out the best in individuals.

Final Words

One of the key factors that makes a business successful is its people. Besides those who have contributed even the smallest detail to the rebranding process to making the new brand a reality, we also appreciate the dedication and teamwork of people across our organization, who have been working hard every day for the brand to grow.

While we have grown rapidly and will continue to do so, some things haven’t changed, including our unwavering passion to provide our clients with the most excellent service. The new brand identity is still us but more consistent and represents our desire for more recognization.