AI recommends optimal pricing for respective channels and auto-applies new pricing based on customised trigger rules.

Pricing adjustments based on historical performance and occupancies, current occupancy levels and demands, groups, events, competitor actions, guest satisfaction index and market dynamics.

Identify competitors and benchmark against their performance.

Apply machine learning model to forecast demand based on booking data and guest behaviours.

Auto-feed rates and inventory to all channels to ensure seamless operation and refresh of data on real-time basis.

Ability to push special deals or promotional rates to our partner channels.

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  • Increase guest satisfaction score

  • Improve hotel quality standards

  • Reduce guest negative feedback

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  • Reduce hotel operation workload

  • Increase conversion rate

  • Increase up-sell opportunity

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  • Maximise revenue and profitability

  • Automate pricing for multichannel

  • Dynamic pricing

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  • Increase revenue per guest

  • Self-Improving accuracy for guest targeting

  • Up-sell with guest satisfaction awareness

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