Consolidate guest reviews into insightful dashboard from OTA sites like, Agoda, TripAdvisor and Social sites like Facebook and Google.

Upload existing guest survey data or 3rd party software and include sentiment results into dashboard

Choose up to 5 competitors and relevant review categories versus own hotel to benchmark such as number of reviews, rating and guest sentiment.

Create custom dashboard based on key metrics to focus on areas that hotel need to improve.

Guest reviews are analysed by AI & Machine Learning to identify what makes guests satisfied and unsatisfied about the hotel.

Connect to maditusConcierge to get realtime sentiment results from in-house guests

Provide a quick snapshot of hotel scorecard and metrics to track hotel progress over time such as response rate, ranking and guest sentiment.

Setup real-time notification based on rules and conditions to keep hotel informed.

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  • Automate pricing for multichannel

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