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Hyperautomation – Transform Business Processes Through AI And Machine Learning

What determines whether a company is a roaring success or a pitiful failure? The organization’s ability to adjust to the new developments that develop over time depends on its willpower. In this ever-evolving era, Hyperautomation – the concept introduced in 2020 by Gartner, has given businesses the flexibility, capabilities, scalability, and operational improvement required to […]

HCG’s Brand And Website Refresh

To begin with, we are more than proud to introduce our refreshed brand identity including a logo upgrade, new color scheme, website, and new core values. The prospect of a brand refresh seems like a daunting task every time someone brought it up in any conversation. At first, you may be wondering what’s wrong with […]

Attribute-Based Selling and how it benefits the Hospitality Businesses

Attribute-based Selling is a term that concept of it has been brought up in casual conversations, discussed at conferences, and engaged in serious debate. It is something that you may less think of, however, has experienced before since it has been widely utilized in the airline sector when they begin to let us choose extras […]

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